Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Random ACL Stories

I’ve got random stories to tell about ACL. There just wasn’t time this year to tell the stories in a timely manner. Hopefully, next year I’ll go in to the festival feeling good. Anyways, here is the first story. It is about my meeting with Patty Griffin:


You may or may not remember that my wife, while on the Cayamo cruise, wrote Patty a long letter about how I played Mil Besos when I proposed to her and how we danced to it as our first song, and a bunch of other stuff that I never got to see because it was supposed to be a surprise for me. Patty played it for us, but at the wrong show. So, after her show at ACL she was signing. I went up to her and asked for a big favor. "Could you sign this a special way for me?" And so I said, "To Bruce and Maria, Mil Besos". "Ah, how sweet" Patty said. And while she was signing it I said, "And thank you for playing Mil Besos for us on the cruise". Patty said, "You're welcome". And then a pause. "OH. You're THE Bruce and Maria! It is so nice to meet you!" You'd think after I scared her in Chicago a few years back she would have remembered me. :-) "That was a beautiful letter", Patty said and then I had to move on because there was a huge line. But it made my weekend.





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