Saturday, September 27, 2008

ACL Festival 2008 Friday

There is just too much going on and we're getting too old... So the brief descriptions that I posted today will have to do for now. But head over to my Youtube area and check out all the videos as they get completed: . Hopefully tonight or tomorrow you will find several Patty Griffin Videos and one Swell Season video. Deb will have video uploaded at some point also, including a song or two from Carolyn Wonderland's performance at the Saxon. I should chat about that for a minute. First, Carolyn was on fire, playing for over 2 hours. Her solos where hot, her singing was over the top and we were drained when it was done. BUT... There was this cow (you'll understand my anger when I'm finished) who decided to get in front of everyone (there is a very small area in front of the tables just in front of the stage) and danced almost every song. She turned to someone part way through the night and said the words that drive me crazy, "I paid my $10, I'll do what I want. Kiss my ass!" Now, when I turned my chair to face the stage and stuck my legs out, just a bit, I am 8 inches from the stage. And so I stayed there as a public service. This allowed at least the people behind me to see. Near the end, this cow, got pissed because i refused to move my legs (they weren't even stretched out) and so she would put one of her arms out, trying to block my view, while dancing. As Deb said, it was pathetic. This was this woman's night to shine and she wasn't going to let anyone stop her. Pictures are going to have to wait until I have more time. Oh, and Deb's Youtube area is  


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