Sunday, September 28, 2008

ACL Festival 2008 Saturday

So... Plant and Krauss were good. But I sure wouldn't pay the $125 a seat that they wanted when they blew through town a month or so ago. Still, it was worth sitting and standing in the same spot all day for this show. Robert Plant is still larger than life. And when he wails, no man alive makes that amazing sound. So, when you join this great voice with one of the finest voices in music today, Alison Krauss, it is a joy to behold. Therein lies one of the problems of this show. Just not enough duets. Each of them focused on their own music as well as the music from their album. There were several Led Zep songs placed throughout the show which had the crowd going wild. All of them were twisted around and sometimes slowed down, making for a very unique effect. The crowd didn't care and often sang along. The band was amazing. T-Bone Burnett was the band leader and sang one of his current songs, almost apologizing for it afterward saying, "You don't hear a song like that every day. I figured I could get away with it in Austin". What was he thinking though? The song just did not fit with the rest of the music. Jay Belarose, on the drums, as always, created atmosphere that no other drummer can even come close to. Buddy Miller, on guitar, proved that he could accompany Plant on the BIG songs. Hanging on the front rail, this is probably as close as I'll ever come to Robert Plant, so I am a very happy camper today. Videos are still uploading on Youtube, but you can check out the 3 Zep tunes and more at


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