Sunday, September 28, 2008

ACL Sunday

We stood through most of Shooter Jennings show. It was good country rock. They are a tight band, and it was fun, but it was Sunday, so we wandered around (I ditched the girls and was hanging with Guy at this point) and ended up at Okkervil River's stage, didn't grab me, and then watched a bit of the Raconteurs. We were too far away and so we decided to call it a day. We ended up at the new Chuy's south of the city and after a couple of margaritas I was laughing so hard (sorry, I can't even begin to tell you why) I was crying. Another great week in Austin. There are more posts to come. I have lots of pictures to post and a few more videos to upload. There are stories I still want to tell as well. But for now, I need a shower real bad. :-) Thanks to those of you who have kept track of me on the blog.


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