Sunday, September 25, 2005

ACL Update Saturday - Part 5

I joined back up with Deb and Linda (yes a new name here… we met up with Linda early in the day and she just started following us around) and we finished off the night with the Drive-By Truckers. I love these guys. They are a southern fried rock and roll band with a conscience. They tell stories of despair and deal with issues that LS (do I have to say their name?) would never have thought of attacking. And the three guitar and slide attack can be overpowering. It was a good show and a nice way to end the night. As we left we were able to hear some of Oasis’ set. We were too tired and the crowd was too big, so we skipped it. They sounded really good though. We ducked the rain and got a bit of wind to cool us off. Not sure what tomorrow will bring (okay actually I am because I was late getting this out, but I wanted to sound dramatic).


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