Saturday, September 24, 2005

ACL Update - Friday Part 3

Instead of seeing the Ditty Bops, we… decided to do our shopping. Let’s see… One t-shirt for me, a poster of course, and the CD and DVD from last year’s show. Maria bought… I’m not sure what they are, but she assured me they were made of metal. Actually, they are very cute toys… I think.

We had a bit of time before Steve Earle hit the stage so we decided to catch the end of the Asleep at the Wheel show. As you can see from the pictures, the fans where enjoying the swing time. And no, this was not a religious moment for Ray, or even a Celine Dion moment (maybe I should have said a Darth Vader moment). He was simply saying “Who me?” to the local cop who pulled him over in his Hot Rod Lincoln. Lots of fun for everyone.


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