Sunday, October 05, 2008

ACL 2008 Final post

Traditions come and go. Over the last 7 years we created quite a few traditions in Austin; maybe too many. And so this year, many of them fell by the wayside. I didn't get a picture of our favorite photographer (well I did but it's not a good one). I believe she gets to see the shows she wants and I did see her parked in front of the Swell Season stage for most of the show. So she still has good taste. :-) Also, the butt of the year did not happen this year. Maybe we'll resurrect it next year. Jerry, our waiter for the last 6 years at the Hyatt is gone. And so, for the first time in 7 years we did not eat at the Hyatt and I did not get my special coffee (which if I never mentioned, contained just a bit of Baileys in it). Because we didn't go to the Hyatt, we didn't pass by Stevie Ray and tip our hats. Another long standing tradition gone. But a new tradition, Sunday night margaritas and Mexican food at the new Chuy's near Linda and Deb's house is sure to continue. Wow, those margaritas were good, or we were just so tired... And I haven't laughed that hard since... since I saw the Richard Simmons on "Who's Line is it Anyway" video . As always, there are thank you's. Thank you Deb and Linda for your hospitality. Thanks to everyone who has commented on or off blog. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read and look at the pictures and videos. And a big thank you to the people of Austin who sure know how to make a visitor feel welcome. I've already got my ticket for next year. So until then, keep enjoying the music.

Sarah Borges at the Continental ACL 2008 Pre Show

After Alejandro, we headed over to the Continental Club for Sarah Borges. Again, this turned into one of my highlights for the week. Sarah is sassy and rockin and just so much fun to watch and listen to. I enjoyed her latest CD but was not ready for how hard she rocks it live. Check out the video below and then go see her when she is in town. This was soooo worth the ten bucks to get in. :-)

Alejandro Escovedo - ACL 2008 Pre Show Sound Check at Shady Grove

We were at the show so early, we got to hear the sound check. You can see those videos at . After the sound check we chatted with Alejandro for awhile. He was still beaming from getting to meet Jimmy Carter at the DNC this summer. It was a bigger thrill than being on stage with Springsteen. I actually think he has his priorities on right. :-) The opening act was The Jones Family.

Alejandro Escovedo - ACL 2008 Pre Show at Shady Grove

What an evening we had the day BEFORE ACL. We got to Shady Grove real early and ended up in the front row for Alejandro Escovedo. Playing lots of songs from his new CD, we were rocking and rolling for a good hour and a half. Being that close he could actually hear me when I yelled something out. When he mentioned Orange County I was the only person in the place to clap. He smiled at that. Then when he tried to congratulate Shady Grove for 15 years of concerts, he said 13 and I yelled 15. He then introduced a song that he said was real old; couldn't remember how old. I again yelled 15 and got a nice laugh out of him. Near the end of the show, he wondered aloud what to play next. I yelled "Crooked Frame". Deb yelled it too and then we both did. He heard us and decided that was a good choice. Overall he just rocked the house. Before ACL even started I had one of my highlights for the weekend. Check out the videos below...

And here was the set list (which I got a copy of!):

put you down
always a friend
sister lost soul
chelsea hotel
sensitive boys
i was drunk
everybody love me
real animal
encore (can't remember but he played my request, "Crooked Frame")

ACL 2008 Traditions

Some traditions don't end. Above is the annual picture of the ACL sign and below it is our annual picture in front of Chuy's. That's Linda, Deb, Liz and Bruce.

Patricia Ahn, Shooter Jennings, Joe Bonamassa at ACL 2008

Patricia Ahn was a replacement act. She needs seasoning. But check out the cute video of her Boob song. Shooter did a solid show of country rock and Joe Bonamassa showed us why he is a potent guitar player. I've got videos of Patricia and Joe below. Oh, and you'll notice the cranes in the skyline. There has been so much construction downtown that they added the cranes to the logo this year.

Octopus Project at ACL 2008

So, I checked 'em out for awhile. Having the Austin High Marching Band all come up on that small stage was pretty funny. They have an interesting appeal although they may be just a bit too minimalist for me. Check out the bad sounding video below.

Mike Farris and Nicole Atkins at ACL 2008

Mike sings gospel like you wouldn't believe. Nicole is really becoming a solid rock performer. Check out her version of Crystal Ships below.

More John Fogerty pics from ACL 2008

John Fogerty at ACL 2008

John Fogerty put on a rave up of a show, playing almost all Creedence Clearwater Revival songs during his hour set. You can see just how much fun he is having in the pictures and videos below.

Sharon Jones and the Dap -Kings at ACL 2008

What a performer she is. Check out the video below, but you just have to see the whole show to get an idea of how outrageous she is.

Fleet Foxes and Robert Earl Keen at ACL 2008

The fleet foxes, above, have beautiful harmonies but couldn't do anything with them. They're banter back and forth however could have filled a nice comedy set.

Robert Earl Keen is really growing on me. Loved most of his set.

The Swell Season at ACL 2008

One of the highlights for me this year was The Swell Season. Glen is both passionate and gentle. I just loved the show.

Plant and Krauss at ACL 2008

I've already posted the pictures and a short review. Here are the videos. The sound was too loud for my camera and the lighting did not always allow for a good picture, but hearing the versions of Led Zep songs is worth putting up with this.

Rodney Crowell at ACL 2008

One of the surprises for me was Rodney Crowell who was so down to earth and funny moving and all at the same time. There is Deb and Liz watching Rodney do his stuff.

Patty Griffin Videos from ACL 2008

And here are the Patty Videos:

More Patty Griffin at ACL 2008

That's me getting Patty to sign "Mil Besos". You can read the story about this a few posts below.

Patty Griffin Pics from ACL 2008

Patty Looked so much better here than on the cruise. And she played with the kind of fun and spirit you would hope to see from her in her home town (she only mentioned that a dozen times).