Sunday, October 05, 2008

Alejandro Escovedo - ACL 2008 Pre Show at Shady Grove

What an evening we had the day BEFORE ACL. We got to Shady Grove real early and ended up in the front row for Alejandro Escovedo. Playing lots of songs from his new CD, we were rocking and rolling for a good hour and a half. Being that close he could actually hear me when I yelled something out. When he mentioned Orange County I was the only person in the place to clap. He smiled at that. Then when he tried to congratulate Shady Grove for 15 years of concerts, he said 13 and I yelled 15. He then introduced a song that he said was real old; couldn't remember how old. I again yelled 15 and got a nice laugh out of him. Near the end of the show, he wondered aloud what to play next. I yelled "Crooked Frame". Deb yelled it too and then we both did. He heard us and decided that was a good choice. Overall he just rocked the house. Before ACL even started I had one of my highlights for the weekend. Check out the videos below...

And here was the set list (which I got a copy of!):

put you down
always a friend
sister lost soul
chelsea hotel
sensitive boys
i was drunk
everybody love me
real animal
encore (can't remember but he played my request, "Crooked Frame")


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