Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ACL 2007 Pre Show - Wednesday

No music to start the trip out, but we did get some excellent BBQ from Rudy's Gas and BBQ. Yep, you heard me right. While you're getting your tank filled up, you can get your tank filled up with some really really good BBQ. We had the brisket (I had a half order of the extra moist, more fat I supposes, and the lean cut which was wonderfully burnt on the ends which adds to the taste. The BBQ sauce was good, not the best I've had. But the meat was just excellent. They have a great sense of humor there too. When they found out it was our first time (yes they called us virgins) the entire cooking staff yelled hello. Then they brought us samples of the brisket and creamed corn so we could decide which we wanted.

As you can see, gas on the left, food on the right.

They have a "Cutter Cam" so you can watch them as they cut the meat.

The sense of humor goes right up front, "Worst BBQ in Texas". I beg to differ. This will be on my list of places to go next year.

Still working on my camera... I did a group shot but it didn't come out that well. Hopefully I'll get the bugs worked out by Friday.


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