Friday, September 23, 2005

ACL Update - Thursday Pre Shows - Part 3

Yes, they are sophomoric. Yes, they are crude, rude and have no redeeming value to humanity (unless you want to consider Bob using his hands to show some of his sexual techniques). So why are they a must see band? Lots of bands can reach their level of intensity (okay, maybe not lots, but they exist). But no band… no band gives you: Rap, rock, metal, funk, rockabilly and “Saturday in the Park”, all in the same show (sometimes several in one song), and done with the power, skill and sexuality that bands normally only hope to achieve with one style. When Bob Schneider wants to turn it up a notch, he is a tremendous performer; and the Scabs seem to bring that out in him. This is especially true during ACL week, when he knows there are lots of fans from around the country here to see the infamous band. This was my second time seeing them and my first time up front. What a trip! Everyone is just bouncing around, dancing and totally in to it all. If the Scabs play every year the night before ACL, I plan on being there.


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