Thursday, September 22, 2005

Extra notes from Austin

More from last night: Was it a song or a story. We can’t remember, but we were laughing so hard. Steve Poltz was talking about growing up and how he moved to Palm Springs. Then he said something like: “I met Elvis. He hugged my sister a little too long. I would have pimped her to hear him sing a song”.

And poor Adam. He always followed Steve in the song order. Steve always had us laughing and then Adam would have to follow up with serious songs.

As is our tradition, we picked up our wristbands today and then headed over to Chuy’s for margaritas and Mexican food.

This afternoon we are off to a “Sin City” event which includes Collin Herring, followed by dinner at the Iron Works and then Deb heads off to Melissa Ferrick while I wander over to Antone’s for The Scabs.


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