Friday, October 08, 2010

2010 ACL Week - Thursday (Day 2)

We finally met up with Deb (who is going to miss the festival to take care of her mom) and headed over to Zilker Park for a benefit for some state senator. In the huge park that was ready for the event, only one stage was lit up and we settled in for an hour plus show from the amazing steel pedal playing of Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Somewhere between funk and the Allman Brothers (with a strong leaning towards Gospel) lies RR. Somehow, he took this staid, stiff group of political junkies and wannabe players and got them moving and grooving to his fine beats and blistering steel pedal playing. If you only watch one of the videos I post, this should be the one. Half the crowd was out of their seats dancing by shows end.

We jumped in our cars and headed over to Saxon Pub. Deb had told us about this wonderful Blues singer/guitar player named Seth Walker and that seemed like a logical next move. Seth has a smooth soulful voice and he laid down some great songs, playing jazzy leads and getting great support from his two piece (stand up bass and drums) band. Several times he used a reggae beat making me think of a gutsier, more talented Jack Johnson. Another good show under our belts.

Deb departed and Liz and I took off for the Continental Club. We got in just as Jon Langford joined Deano Waco and the Purveyors. Jon, mixes folk, country and punk into a crazy, fun, loud stream of music that was both sloppy and tight and always foot tappin’. We were bouncing in our seats and he had most of the crowd out of their chairs dancing (which reminds me... Why is it that Texan’s, no matter what the beat or style of music, insist on swing dancing to everything? At least at the Continental Club). We had a great night. Bring on the festival.


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