Thursday, September 14, 2006

ACL 2006 Pre Shows - Thursday Night

Thursday night found us at the Continental Club. It was our first time there and even though we didn't know the bands we were going to see, with the club's reputation, we knew we would be okay. And sure enough the two acts we saw came through. Up first was Beth Garner. She fronted a 3 piece band that included a guitar/slide player, bass and drums with Beth playing electric rhythm and lead guitar along with singing. The music was rock with a bit of southern style. Well worth the 10 dollar admission. Up next was Scott H. Biram. Scott was a one man band with his distorted electric guitar, bass drum (of some type, we couldn't see it), harmonica and bullet mic set to maximum distortion (pretty much like Springsteen's during his last solo tour). Oh, he also had a bull horn which he felt the need to use in between songs. The sound was a bit blues, a bit punk blues, a bit weird. And we enjoyed it.

The real thing starts tomorrow and we haven't even decided who we are going to see! Stay tuned...


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